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5 key points to design an attractive Storefront Signage for your business

5 key points to design an attractive Storefront Signage for your business

Storefront Signage is the first sign of your physical workspace that clients see. When they look at that sign. Before entering to the work space, they start to imagine about what they would see, and your storefront singe helps this imagination. So that’s important how your brand is introduced on the storefront and what tells about your business. The colors, fonts, materials, words and models play role in making a good imagination on clients’ mind.

On this article we’d like to talk about the 5 important points that help you design the best sign for your brand.

1.   What is the best type of storefront signage for you?

There are various types of storefront signs and you have too many options to choose. It makes that hard to decide which type is the best one for you. Answering the following questions help you find suitable type of sign for your business.

  • How can you make a relationship between sign and your brand? For example, a wood storefront sign can be related to a classic coffee.
  • How is the weather in your workspace area? The sign’s martial must be chosen in a way that lasts in that area. Otherwise, you have to change the sign constantly after every season.
  • What have you put on the storefront? The sign must be in harmony with some elements in the showcase.
  • How much space do you have to place the storefront signage? A big board is not consonant with a small header, and a tiny sign cannot attract the clients of somewhere like a department store.
  • What budget have you allocated for the sign? The greater business, the better sign should be ordered.

Some of the most popular types of storefront sign

To better guide you in choosing the right signage type, we name the most popular types here:

  • Plywood Storefront Signage: They are made of different woods and covered by weather-resistant material. So, they are suitable to use in outdoor space.
  • Punched Metal or Laser Cut Storefront Sign: They are metal boards that are designed by etching or laser cutting. They have general usage and can be good for every brand.
  • Metal logo or letters: They are individual metal pieces that are put together. You can use this type when there is a good background on outdoor wall. This type is also practical for interior space.
  • Tube Light Storefront Signage: They are luminous tubes that can be shaped like letters, logos, etc. Almost every store uses that type of sign; at least for open informing to clients. This type attracts people mostly at night.
  • Digital Signs: This type uses digital elements and designs; so, you can use different models, images, colors and fonts. This type makes your storefront unique.

Now you recognize different types of storefront signage, and it’s much easier to decide which one is the best for your brand.

2.   How can you clear your brand on storefront?

Is your storefront signage clear enough to a strange person understands your business major by looking at it?

At first, the sign must be readable from as far as is possible. So, people can see your brand’s name and logo and be curious about it. After that, there are some other points that must be

The font that is used for words should be clear, readable and appealing. Here are 10 good fonts for a storefront sign:

  • Helvetica
  • Trajan
  • Garamond
  • Bodoni
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Monotype Curvosa
  • Futura
  • Clarendon
  • Optima
  • Myriad

How to improve legibility?

There are some tactics to have a more legible design for storefront signage that are mentioned below:

  • Use color contrast.
  • Do not use crowded, cursive and overly decorative fonts.
  • Use a combination of capital and small letters. Using capital letters for whole words not only doesn’t attract attention, but also reduces readability.
  • Use correct spacing. Crowded sign boards confuse people.
  • Do not use ambiguous words on the sign and if your brand is unknown, use some elements to define your job.
  • Do not leave understanding of anything to the clients. Try to make everything as clear as possible.
  • Choose suitable size of the sign in order to the door ang shopfront of your place.

3.   How to design a storefront sign?

Legibility is an important part of designing a sign; but it’s not all of designing procedure. Put yourself in a client’s shoes and check out if the sign has every key clues you need.

There are some approaches that helps you design a better storefront:

  • Look at your competitors and their storefronts. (Do not copy, just look and get inspired).
  • Look at all storefronts on your way and analysis their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Search on the internet and take a look at the signs.
  • Ask people that knows about your job and brand that which design is better.

These tactics make your design better, but do not forget you’re not a sign designer. So, the best way to ensure your storefront signage has the best design is allowing every man do his job. A professional designing group like Signico is what you exactly need for your storefront.

4.   What are the regulations of branding and storefront signage in your zone?

Pay attention to limitation and rules of shopping centers and streets. Check out if there are any rules about shop signs in your zone. In some neighborhoods, stores can only use some types of storefront signs. Even you may need a license to put a sign on the header of your shop.

The limitations include different features such as width, height, colors, fonts, materials and massages on the sign. Searching about these rules are so important because if your sign have an illegal element, you will have to change it or pay a fine.

It is necessary to mention that if you use a professional storefront sign service, they check all the rules in your area and design the best sign that is both attractive and legitimate.

5.   Place the sign

The final point is installation of the storefront signage. The most important point is that the sign must place on the most visible part of the storefront. Maybe the sign must be protruded from the side of the storefront. It depends on the place of your store, your storefront space, the situation that clients see the sign (while walking or driving) and the type of the storefront sign you had chosen.

Designers must come to your place and check the space of the board. So, they can design a sign that is exclusive for your store header.

Bottom Line

Designing a storefront signage is a part of branding process. This makes the first connection between brand and clients. So, you should pay attention to every single element that is shown on the sign. A unique sign with significant efficiency invites people to your shop for visiting the products.

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