If you reply to the email on the same day that you receive your design, it will take 3 to 5 working days and you can adjust it twice.

No, In other cases, a low-resolution file will be sent to the customer for design approval.

  • PDF without trim, crop or registration marks
  • All files to be CMYK, and not RGB
  • All fonts converted to outlines (paths/curves)
  • Embed all images and elements
  • 125″ Bleed
  • Bitmap images no less than 130 DPI at full size
  • files not larger than 200MB
  • 4inches (large) & 1.6 inches (small) clear space for all mounts

It is not pixel-based and their quality and resolution will not be lost by making them bigger or smaller.

This feature is included in the Golden package. Up to 85% of the cases, it is possible; however, if the design is so specific and not feasible, your money will be refunded to your account within five working days.

Files can be uploaded in graphic design softwares such as CorelDRAW or Illustrator for size validation.

Yes, it is offered in the Golden package.

Most of the time it is possible and it’s featured in the Golden Package; however, if it is not feasible your money will be refunded within five working days.

No. it depends on monitor calibration and the file color mode. CMYK color mode file is closer to the printed version and it is used by our designer team.

RGB color mode file is the one seen on the screens while CMYK file is used for printing.

Over 60-inch width is divided into two parts. For over 80-inch width designs, the division should be mentioned in the description; otherwise, it will be divided in the middle, that is, two 40-inch widths.

No, the photo license is calculated separately if we provide it for you; however, it is accepted if it has been already purchased by you.

The designed files are only permitted to be printed in Signico. In case of ordering, 80$ will be charged per file excluding the design charge for bronze, silver or golden packages.

  • Bronze package: Only Text and Color
  • Silver Package: Color, Text, & 1 image
  • Gold Package: 3D images and complicated designs

This feature is included in the Golden Package.

All rights are reserved in the files designed by Signico, and Signico takes no responsibility for the Copyright in the images and contents sent by the clients.

On the same day of uploading the file by you, by the end of office hours, the cancelation should be done by Email. If Signico is designing your order, you will be able to cancel it until the end of the process and before the order is printed; otherwise, the cancelation won’t be accepted.

Before final approval, any details in the design such as text, photo, etc. should be carefully reviewed by the customer; otherwise, no changes can be made after printing.

Clear vinyl is a type of transparent vinyl that has no color. Only the printed design or text will be visible on it and other parts will be colorless like a glass.

It is a type of vinyl that is usually used on shop windows, car windows, and car wraps allowing the sunlight to pass through the small holes, also providing one-way visibility from the inside. However, It has lower image quality compared to block-out vinyl considering that the printings are on the holes instead of vinyl itself. In addition, at night, the image is not clearly visible due to the indoor lights behind it.

It is the normal vinyl and doesn’t allow the light through.

It is a type of vinyl that sticks to the surfaces behind which there is light so the light can pass through at night and the design on the vinyl can be seen. This type of vinyl is usually used on lightboxes.

No, laminate only extends the lifetime of your print and is available in both matte and glossy models.

This cost is paid by the customer when the professional’s advice and accurate measurement is required by a sign expert. When you buy the package, the sign expert will contact you up to 2 working days and make an appointment. Our expert will show you the samples of vinyl, take photos of the environment where you want to work, and send it to the designer to make a mockup, and finally take the exact size.

For safety issues and the type of surface that the vinyl will be stuck. For example, the material that can be used on a brick wall is different from a cement wall or storefront signage. Also, signage removal will be different on various surfaces regarding their lifetime.

Our experts are at your service to guide and advise you by sending photos and explaining via email. they will also contact you through Zoom software so you can give more details if necessary. The price of consultations is 55$.

In general these applications are not 100% accurate, but they can be useful for some measurements like boards that are located at high altitudes.

After this stage, if you are a designer, according to the area advised by our sign expert, you can send your design PDF file to us; otherwise, our designers will design and after completing, the installation team will install your sign within a week.

When your order is over $200, the above fee will be removed from the total invoice. This fee is only for those who take the print from us and install it themselves, but if our team do the installation, this fee will be reimbursed or credited to your account.

In custom services, it is possible to return in the following conditions:

The print is defective by Signico. For example, if there are lines on it, or part of the print is not clear, we will print it for you one more time for free.

If the product is not custom, such as a yard sign frame, then you will return the product and your money will be refunded.

It depends on your order from 4 to 25 business days.

After you placing your order, it will be sent after the final approval and once your product is ready.

Yes, The invoice will be sent by E-mail and it is also available in the “Dashboard” section in our website signico.ca

You can track your package in the “Dashboard” section in our website signico.ca