We provide 2 types of installation service by our expert team. Outdoor Our team install the outdoor signs higher than 12ft. by bucket truck for safety reasons. Outdoor installation techniques differ based on the drilling surface and weather conditions. Our team choose the right spots by taking the precise measurements to guarantee the flexibility of banner against tearing and pressure. Indoor Signico team mount signs, letters, or vinyl on the walls, panels and signs with suitable screws and electric drills and attach grommets with the right distance from each other for the optimum result. For indoor installations higher than 12 ft., scissor lift is used and the prices vary based on the order. For example, channel letter installation costs approximately $100 per letter and vinyl mount on signage is around $10 per square feet.  

Signage Removal

Signage removal might seem like a simple process, but in reality it is way more challenging. The process is done for replacing old worn out vinyl, decals, and signs with new ones or updating the whole signage. There are 3 major stages of removal:
  • Removal of the top layer such as channel letters, stickers/decals, and signs
  • Removal of the adhesive glue
  • Polishing and/or replacing new design
  The removal difficulty and method depends on the age of the material, thickness of the material, and the durability of the glue. The newer ones come off easier even with a simple heat gun; however, the underlying glue will still remain and needs to be removed. There are various types of adhesive removals and liquids than are applied to dissolve glue and leave the surface clean and ready for new designs.
  • Our removal service includes:
  • Vinyl removal from the acrylic substrate
  • Vinyl removal from the wall
  • Light box removal
  • Channel letters removal
  • Window decal removal
  • Car wrap removal
  • Banner removal