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Perforated or Block-out Vinyl!

Perforated vinyl was primarily designed to increase privacy in personal as well as governmental vehicles. Simply put, perforated vinyl would be placed on the windows, making it impossible for people outside see inside without preventing those inside to easily see everything outside their windows. This quality promotes chances for advertisements to get applied on the exterior of your window and viewed from the exterior which will attract consumers while at the same time providing privacy to your establishment.


Block-out vinyl on the other hand, instead of a single layer of vinyl, feature a “block-out” fabric sealed between the outer layers.  This allows for exceptional lighting and temperature control in almost any environment. This simple but revolutionary design reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of UV rays and sunlight that normally enters the room. Furthermore, they protect furniture and floors from sunlight damage like fading, which makes these high-cost products more durable. Although more costly than non-blackout fabrics, they pay for themselves in energy savings as well as in preventing early wearing down of your home furnishings and fabrics. Block-out is actually the new tough but attractive option for areas with harsh weather or if you just want your outdoor advertisement as well as your indoor stuffs to last longer since it is the ultimate in weatherproof and longevity making it a great option for any conditions. Block-out has even made the possibility of adding advertisement to the interior so that it will not cause a distraction to customers who might be looking out. Last but not the least, while perforated vinyl only provides invisibility i.e. the privacy of inside from those outside only when there is no light on inside your establishment which is mostly the case during the day, block-out holds on to the privacy saving quality during both the day and night.

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