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Acrylic Sheet

transparent / white plastic that resembles glass but has high impact resistance up to 50 times more than glass.

Aluminum composite panel

ACM consists of a themorplastic core in between 2 sheets of aluminum and it is the most flexible aluminum panel.

Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum SheetIt is the most popular sign material for long to permanent signs like parking lot or traffic signs. Matte or gloss lamination makes it a great option for outdoor use.

Corrugated Plastic Sheet

They are plastic multi-layered cardboard and most inexpensive material for outdoor display. Corrugated plastic sheet is also called waterproof cardboard, coroplast sheets.

Enviromentally Friendly Sheet

1-3-year life Suitable for indoor %100 recyclable

Foam board

Foam board is a lightweight print and display material with 3 layers including foam in the middle and paper coating on the sides. Vinyl, mounting posters, and inkjet printing can be easily applied to it.

Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic material is used in labels, vehicle wrapping, and signage for promotional purposes. There are 2 types of magnetic sheets: thin and thick.

Plywood Sheet

Plywood sheets are made from multiple thin layers of wood veneer (Plies) that are glued crosswise.

Poly Styrene Sheet

Sheet or foam is a very popular and extremely light-weight material used in crafts and art.

Polycarbonate Sheet

They are high-density, flexible, and transparent thermosplastic material that withstands extreme temperatures.

PVC Sheet

Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic material that can have a similar look to wood or leather.

Ultra Aluminum Panel

It’s a very light-weight 3-layered material with polystyrene foam in the core and anodized aluminum on top.