The importance of signage advertisement after COVID-19

After a long period of self-quarantine and lockdown, once life gets back to normal and the businesses reopen, the streets, restaurants and outdoor activities will be flooded with people who have been counting the days to get out of their houses. This is exactly the moment that businesses should seize the opportunities for their recovery by the appropriate advertising.

Innovative and creative solutions based on new consumer behavior shift is what brands need in order to stand out, and customer engagement is the key to gain market share. By focusing on loyal existing customers through creating new campaigns to adjust their current needs, and applying discounts, offers or saving options, this goal is attainable. Referral discounts can also work as incentive for existing customers to bring new ones. This strategy might reduce the ROI in the beginning but it will come back tenfold in the long run and will grow the brand loyalty, traffic, and engagement.

Post-COVID advertisement requires new signs with new messages and new mission regarding the consumer behavior shift and in order to keep up with the competition, companies need to find out about current needs and priorities of their target audience through Email surveys and questionnaires. Switching media and messages should be done in a programmatic manner for gaining success, going dark and pausing advertising only for the sake of reducing ad spending budgets and preserve cash leads to losing your voice in the market share.

You can start the changes from the shift and adjustment in physical appearance of your business including advertisement signage to create a buzz. Signage design should be clean with bright contrasting colors and should contain clear message and mission of your business in simple words while advertising your new niche and strength point.

There are 3 types of Advertisement signage:

Vehicles, public transport, or trolleys:

Put your message, service or products, or your company details on exposure for the world to see. By commercial vehicle wrapping on cars, vans, trucks, or trolleys, you can increase your brand awareness and presence in heavy traffic locations or while delivering your service.

On-site flags, banners, posters, etc.

Utilizing various adequate signage such as attractive storefront sign and reception sign to showcase your brand, logo, or service; outdoor flags or banners for launching new products, holiday sales, promotions or grand openings can turn the potential clients to your loyal customers and reach to your target audience.

Traditional billboards

Traditional billboards are still one of the popular advertising solutions regarding their persistent exposure to customers with the right placement and right message. Imagine seeing a billboard everyday on your way to work, the brand will be imprinted on the commuter’s mind and it will boost the word of mouth(WOM) for your business.

The most popular advertisement signs are:

Storefront signs

Storefront signs provide you with a custom signage look to reach new consumers, and can tell what your brand and products are all about to the public. They appear above the front door with the name, logo, and motto of your company to let your customers know who you are and what you offer.

Storefront sign is the first thing that the potential customer notice and needs to be chosen carefully. Clear bold font and message, and suitable graphics along with backlight illumination can easily attracts people’s attention. There are different types of storefront designs such as vinyl printing, vinyl lettering, and using 3d channel letters.

Light boxes can be mounted as a storefront sign with a layer of printing or vinyl cut design attached to it. Light Boxes are large signs that can be either non-illuminated or internally illuminated by LEDs or fluorescent lights. Whether double-sided or single-sided, Light Boxes are perfect for highlighting your business at night.

Reception signs

Reception signs are either 3D letters or vinyl stickers that display the name and logo of your company on the wall behind the reception desk/ entrance in the first point of contact of your clients which gives them the first impression.

There are 2 types of reception signs: Acrylic and Vinyl.

Acrylic channel letters are great as they considered as 3D lettering with the option of applying vinyl or LED backlighting. There are various types of acrylic channel letters in our website we can also customize your design for acrylic material by CNC cutting.

Vinyl material is a cheaper option for reception signs and can be mounted on the wall; however, it doesn’t have the 3D effect and appears as a sticker.

Feather flag

A feather flag is an effective and reasonably-priced way of promoting your business and increasing the number of your customers in various events and venues. They are basically a tall, colorful banner mounted vertically on a pole. We all have seen these in front of all sorts of businesses that have caught our attention while sharing mostly key promotional information. These flags secure marketing success for all small-to-medium scale businesses. High-quality feather flags are easy and fast for setting up as well as taking down and can be used for both indoor and outdoor due to their sturdiness. Feather flags are good advertising tools to promote your business; making you be more visible amongst all your competitors.

The high-quality materials come with a heavy-duty solid aluminum and steel construction stand makes these flags tolerate strong winds while maintaining a pleasant movement in the great Toronto winds. The flag is printed using UV-stable, weatherproof water based unfavorable inks on polyester flag material.

Even by the time the expiry date of your promotion comes, you can store these flags and utilize them at any other event. You wouldn’t need to invest money on printing this promotional material over and over again throughout the years. It’s a one-time investment.


Teardrop or wing flag

Teardrop or wing flag is an advertising banner in the shape of a teardrop that is tightly attached to a strong stand which makes it a good promotional solution in windy weathers. These flags are the best choice to showcase your company logo and details at the events or at the storefront.

Pole Banner

Pole or street banners are rectangular banners attached above the tall poles (lamp poles) in the streets for special events or public awareness. Usually the material of the banner is vinyl (block-out), polyester or nylon and can easily move in the breeze.

A-Frame Plastic/metal Stand

It’s a folding stand made up of aluminum or corrugated plastic used to inform customers about special sales, offers or new product/service. They can be both used as indoor and outdoor options because of their durability and weather resistance.

Roll-up banners

These banners are made up of an aluminum stand and single or double-sided block-out material banner. They provide double exposure and 360-degree viewing by 2 banners on single unit, and they are easy to install and taken down for using in trade shows, exhibitions and showrooms.

Window graphics

Window graphics can provide a 3D view of your service on the store windows and are great tools for seasonal or occasional promotions and sales. There are 2 types of window decals: block-out vinyl and perforated window decals.

In perforated window decals, the light can pass through the tiny holes on the material while block-out vinyl gives a total cover to the window.

Mobile signs

Mobile signs are portable advertising signs similar to portable billboards that can be easily transported by hitched trailers to reach potential clients as a mobile marketing solution. They can be installed in various areas such as intersections by City Hall permit. They also can provide a feature of applying LED technology or solar panels.

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