Top 5 qualities of a good signage

1. Color

Choosing the right colors for the design, text and background is the key to have an effective signage. The colors used for the text and graphics should be bright and identifiable, and blending the colors in the background should be avoided. The use of dark colors on a dark background and light colors on a light background is considered a big mistake; that is, to make your font or design stand out using contrasting colors is a must. Furthermore, to have a visible signage, the theme and color of the street or buildings behind your signage should be taken into consideration while selecting the colors for your signage.


2.  Appropriate Design and Graphics

A good design is the one which conveys the message so clearly that viewers understand it at one glance, and it is so intriguing that attracts their attention for a second glance.

In order to create aesthetically appealing signages, KISS rule (Keep It Short & Simple) should be applied in the design. Remember less is always more in advertising, that’s why only the major service of a business should be mentioned on a sign and not a spectrum of everything. The message must be precise and reflection of your business designed with bold letters for the important parts to give them priority for increasing brand awareness.

All the signs must be readable at a distance, and never forget that the text, colors, and graphics should be all harmonized on all the signs; in addition, the designs should be in harmony with the style of the stores whether it is modern, classic, minimal, etc.


3. Location & Environment

For maximizing visibility, spotting the right location of the signs and knowing the environment to choose the right colors are necessary. You should know how close the viewers will be to your sign and how busy the area is. For example, in crowded areas like downtown which is full of billboards, screens, construction signs, and etc. you should take advantage of the blanc space strategy. Blanc space strategy uses negative space and clear wording to catches the eyes in busy places.


4. Lighting

Both external and internal lighting are noticeable factors in visibility of the signs; however, internal lighting is preferred over external one for giving glow to the sign. LED lights are used for illumination during the sunlight and at night and a light timer can be set to turn off the lights at certain times to save electricity.


5. HQ material that withstands weather elements

A qualified expert signage technician always chooses the materials according to areas climatic conditions. Premium resistant materials that don’t fade, wear off, or get damaged in exposure to water, sun, and extreme weather should be used for long-lasting satisfactory results.


Remember the signs are used for raising brand awareness and selling your business while it is considered as an investment. If they don’t help your business reach sales goals or target the right audience, they should be restructured by changing the messages and graphics or be positioned differently.

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