Vehicles as a means of Advertisement

We all have seen cars that seem like trying to build awareness of a specific product or service. We barely can ignore them as not only the graphics and coloring are eye catching, they are also self explanatory and descriptive in a way that you may try to create a job for them to do while looking at them. Car decals also known as car stickers or car graphics are images, graphics, or lettering printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl material and then placed on any type of vehicle. Car decals include but not limited to car & truck lettering, clear vinyl decals, opaque vinyl decals, perforated decals, and high adhesive decals. Digitally printed custom car graphics can include photographs, full-color logos, and vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps can include using part or all of a car or van as the canvas for the message about your company or product. They are mainly used to introduce and advertise business names, logos, products, and contact information. We also have seen that crowd had made us of such products in certain events.

There is no limitation on the type of vehicle you may want to stick your advertisement on. You are able to advertise on all types of vehicles in all sizes and these graphics can easily adhere to your car, van or truck doors and which identify your business to your future and existing clients. Maintenance wise, you just need to make sure you will wash your vehicle with a damp, non-abrasive rag. This will maintain its lifespan and quality while removing the dirt and grime from your vehicle. Also, always make sure you do not use power washers or high-power car washes as they may damage decals.

Car graphics are the best tools to expose your business to the target areas of the city during the time of the day you prefer. Permanent or temporary business goals permit you to decide when and where you deliver your message.

Common businesses that use car ads are:

  • Delivery vehicles for caterers, florists, landscapers, pizza and fast food
  • Service industries such as contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, handymen and mechanics use car graphics
  • Mobile window replacement services advertise in this manner; listing their products and how customers can contact them
  • Towing services use graphics on their wreckers to identify their name, operating territory, hours and contact info
  • Many home-based businesses
  • Pool care companies
  • Sprinkler maintenance services
  • Pet groomers and Pet rescue organizations all use these products

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