What is a booklet?

Booklets are folded sheet of paper like mini catalogues used as a tool for promotional and advertising purposes in corporate design. They can be used for showcasing a portfolio, introducing a business, and presenting company’s products and services along with the descriptions, pricelists and offers or promotions.

There are 3 types of booklets:

  • Single fold on A3 / A4
  • 2 bends on A3 / A5
  • 3 bends on A1 / A3

The most popular format is trifold which is an A4 booklet with 2 bends.


Where can booklets be used?

Booklets can be put at various receptions such as clinics, beauty salons, travel agencies, etc. depending on their content.

They are also offered in exhibitions or trade shows to potential visitors to present products/services of a company.

At the airports, and most of the hotels and hostels, there are shelves specifically for booklets to provide visitors with information about the attractions, sightseeing, concerts, etc.


How to create a good booklet?

A good booklet should be very precise and informative with high-quality images and intriguing content to provide emotional impact designed for the right target audience.

The message and aim of creating the booklet shouldn’t be complicated, and the tone must be in accordance with your target audience. Placing a CTA (Call To Action) in the booklet like “get a discount code” or “participate in a competition” is also recommended.

A study in Bentley University’s center for marketing technology shows how booklets and printed advertising tools can be effective in marketing. It concludes that after websites, brochures and booklets are the most popular sources of information. In tourism industry, 85% of visitors get information about businesses and places by picking up brochures, and 61% of them plan to purchase after reading them.


Our recommendation is, if you would like to introduce your business or increase your sales or even boost your brand awareness, it’s time to order your branded booklets.

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