Which banner material to order?

When it comes to marketing, some of traditional advertising tools are still popular as they have maintained their ability to draw customers attention to specific events or company’s products and services. Among all other traditional forms of advertisements, outdoor banners are of the most popular. But there are variety of materials to make these banners and sometimes it is hard to choose from for those businesses who have chosen banners for their advertisement. While there is also the availability of less popular materials, fabric and vinyl are the most common. But which one to choose. Below are some tips:

  • Fabric banners are more durable if you want to use them over and over again for indoor events.
  • Fabric banners need more ink to create the same image that would be printed on vinyl material.
  • Fabric banners require a special trimming method called a hot knife and the edges.
  • Light will pass through a fabric banner much easier than a vinyl banner.
  • Fabric banner is much easier to manage in shipping and handling.
  • Fabric banners will have a much better appearance in photos because of their inherent surface texture.
  • Fabric banners offer a slight transparency; displaying in front of windows or light sources will allow light to illuminate through the material (of course, this effect is not comparable to the semi-transparent nature of mesh banners).
  • Fabric Banner are mostly suitable for:

Indoor event with photography

Multiple location involving traveling

Appearance over Budget

Away from dirt and liquids


  • Vinyl banners are more durable for outdoor usage as opposed to fabric ones.
  • Vinyl banners can be cleaned quicker and removing stains from them are easier than fabric ones.
  • Vinyl banner can be totally finished using a heat weld or adhesive tape welding methods.
  • Vinyl banners are more translucent than fabric ones.
  • Vinyl Banner are mostly suitable for:

     Outdoor events

     Long Term outdoor use

     Single Use Event

    Budget over Appearance

    Not traveling with it or don’t mind shipping.

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